Geoffery McComas Theatre

Normie the musical

Normie, currently in rehearsal will be a world premiere season Normie is a new Australian musical – sometimes subtitled as Northcote Boy and sometimes as Australia’s First King of Pop. You will see and hear it here first.

Normie is based on the 1960s experiences of Australia's first, and twice crowned, King of Pop, Normie Rowe. It focuses on Normie's roller-coaster ride through arguably the most explosive, creative and tumultuous decade of the 20th Century.

There will be 3 Normies on stage in this production -

  • Young Norman Rowe aged about 13 when he caught the eye of talent spotters
  • Normie Rowe in his early 20’s when he was at the height of pop music success
  • Normie Rowe as he is today playing the character role of Prime Minister Harold Holt.

It begins at the pivotal mid-way point of 1965, when the Prime Minister, Sir Robert Menzies announces that Australian troops are required in Vietnam, while Normie is singing that It Ain't Necessarily So.

It then expands in several directions to look at the talented choirboy coming out of the tough working-class suburb of Northcote and rising to the very top of the rock n' roll pile. It tells of his recording and touring, his UK exploits, his controversial National Service call-up, his experiences in Vietnam, the collapse of his pop career, and damning revelations about his conscription.

Along the way it captures the mood and significant moments of the 60s - the anti-war demonstrations, US President Lyndon Johnson in Australia, political turmoil, and the fashion, music and free love revolution.

The fast-paced show draws on Normie’s hit-laden song list as well as other significant 60s classics, plus original songs to capture the spirit of the times.

The character list includes Prime Minister Menzies, US President Lyndon Johnson, Premier of NSW Sir Robert Askin, Stan Rofe legendary radio DJ, 1960’s pop figures Johnny Young, Ronnie Burns, Marcie Jones, Donna Gaye, Tony Worsley, Mike Furber, Reg Presley, The Playboys, and The Spencer Davis Group.

Normie Rowe still performs the hits which made him famous. Normie Rowe will star in the production, but not as himself. He will be playing Prime Minister Harold Holt, with new songs written specifically for the role. It gives Normie the opportunity to display his highly-praised musical theatre talents, honed on his years playing Jean Valjean in the Sydney production of Les Miserables.

To maintain the spirit of youthfulness so much part of the music scene, the production will be directed by young Director Simon Eales with an equally young Music Director David Wisken.

Normie, was written by Melbourne writer Graeme Johnstone, with additional original music composed by Peter Sullivan. A joint production by Old Scotch Music & Drama and Beatroot Services, it will open at the Geoffrey McComas Theatre on November 23rd with performances through to December 1st.

Show Dates

Saturday24th November7:45 PM
Sunday25th November4:00 PM
Wednesday28th November7:45 PM
Thursday29th November7:45 PM
Friday30th November7:45 PM
Saturday1st December2:00 PM
Saturday1st December7:45 PM

Production Team

Director / ChoreographerSimon Eales
Music Director / Orchestrator David Wisken

Normie Cast

Normie Rowe Julian Campobasso
Harold Holt Normie Rowe
Captain Rod Blake Jamie Pearce
Sir Robert Menzies, Hurricane Harry, Policeman David McLean
Albie Rowe, Ivan Dayman David Schloeffel
Pam Braithwaite Connie Rowe
Young Normie Rowe Nathan Hotchkin-van Neuren
Marcie Jones Emma Newman
Maitre D, Stan Rofe David Ferrier
Sascha Gaskinsaya, Dennis Smith Chris Handley
President Lyndon B Johnson, Newsreader Bill Woods
Zara Holt Gail Bradley
Freda, Ladybird Johnson Cara Richards
Johnny Young, Mike Furber, Spencer Davis, American GI Drew Collet
Peter, Reg Presley, Tony Worseley Tom Goodwin
Armstrong, Australian Reporter Tim Haughton
Donna Gaye Anne Gasko
Dana Hannah Daniel
Ensemble Clara Adams
Compere Clive, Wilson Ron Feldman
Registrar, Playboy James Wood
Ensemble Brodie Dorling
Jack, Pat Aulton Peter Jane
Chuck, Sergeant Martin Richardson
Boss Dave, Sir Bob Askin Norm Coleman
Marjorie Gillespie Steph Phillips
Ensemble Heather Bloom