Sweeney Todd – The Demon Barber of Fleet Street

"There is more artistic energy, creative personality and plain excitement [in Sweeney Todd] than in a dozen average musicals"

- New York Times

Sweeney Todd is considered by many as the greatest musical ever. Sweeney Todd – The Demon Barber of Fleet Street is a music theatre thriller which has been described as –

"highly energised, tightly paced, suspenseful, hilarious, quirky, horrifying and moving – everything a contemporary audience could require".

Stephen Sondheim is recognised as the ‘god’ of American musical theatre and widely acknowledged as the most innovative, most influential and most important composer and lyricist in modern Broadway history.

This year we have Chris Bradtke as Director with Ben Hudson as Music Director and Brenton Staples as Set Designer. This is an award winning team.

Chris Bradke is considered the best director around and is unquestionably the most awarded director of non-professional musical theatre in Melbourne. He has been nominated for and won countless awards of excellence for his skills in artistic and dramatic direction. His partner in many of these triumphs has been set designer Brenton Staples.

Ben Hudson is a skilful and talented musical director with an enviable reputation winning many nominations and awards for musical direction. Ben took out the MTGV award for Music Direction for the OSMaD production of Jesus Christ Superstar in 2009.

We believe this production is likely to be the best show the world of non-professional theatre in Melbourne will see this year. Even the most cursory exposure to the cast currently in rehearsal is evidence that we have a cast of astounding quality and talent, and direction which is second to none.

So, we have a talented cast, an award winning production team, a facility which is state-of-the-art – all we need now is you - an award winning audience.

Show Dates

Friday14th October07:45 PM
Saturday15th October07:45 PM
Sunday16th October03:00 PM
Thursday20th October07:45 PM
Friday21st October07:45 PM
Saturday22nd October04:00 PM
Sunday23rd October03:00 PM
Thursday27th October07:45 PM
Friday28th October07:45 PM
Saturday29th October04:00 PM

Production Team

DirectorChris Bradtke
Music DirectorBen Hudson
Set DesignBrenton Staples

Sweeney Todd Cast

Sweeney Todd Lee Threadgold
Judge Turpin Phil Lambert
Mrs Nellie LovettNatasha Bassett
Beadle Bamford David Schloeffel
Beggar woman Candice Sweetman
Anthony Hope Adam Bianco
Johanna Laura Slavin
Pirelli Ed Harcourt
Tobias Tim Phillips

Theatrepeople visit one of our rehearsals


Alicia Payne, Allie Sutherland, Julia Bennett-Mitrovski, Jen McKinnon, Timothy Oon, Leonie Thomson, Nardine Groch, Penny Yewers, Jack Brown, Taylor Klas, Mark Yeates, Jamie Burgess, Christine James, Giancarlo Salamanca, Talaylin Zeppa, James Jackson, Nathan Su, Rai Trippett, Ronald Feldman, Shane Pritchard.

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Our Director

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